Trump Supporters warn of “Revolution” if Hillary Clinton wins


After being branded as “Messiah” in India by Right wing organisations like Hindu Sena, Donald Trump supports are ready for a “Revolution”. Having two weeks left until Election Day, tensions between Donald Trump supporters and Hillary Clinton supporters are high. A campaigning season as unpredictable as this one, there is really no telling who will win and what will happen when either of them do (or don’t). Some people are already threatening to protest the results with violence — for example, former congressman Joe Walsh, who threatened armed revolution if Trump loses.

Joe Walsh is a Republican and former one-term congressman from Illinois and a current conservative radio show host, known for his controversial, conservative opinions. In the past, Walsh has also reportedly “threatened war” against President Barack Obama. Apparently Walsh is now threatening war on innocent people, made evident in one Tweet sent out on Wednesday that made everyone upset — for a good reason.

Interviews of more than 50 Trump supporters at campaign events in six states over the past week revealed a phenomenal change from the rollicking mood earlier this year, when Trump’s surprising primary successes and emergence as an unconventional Republican standard-bearer set off broad excitement. The crowds appeared on edge and quick to lash out.

And while some voters emphatically disputed polls suggesting that Clinton would win, others offered an apocalyptic vision of what life would be like if she did.

Jared Halbrook, 25, of Green Bay, Wis., said that if Trump lost to Hillary Clinton, which he worried would happen through a stolen election, it could lead to “another Revolutionary War.”

“People are going to march on the capitols,” said Halbrook, who works at a call center. “They’re going to do whatever needs to be done to get her out of office, because she does not belong there.”

“If push comes to shove,” he added, and Clinton “has to go by any means necessary, it will be done.”

Some supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are calling for riots if he loses on Election Day, causing some political experts to worry that the dangerous threats could be more than talk.

One Trump supporter told Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence she is so mad that she will not accept a Hillary Clinton victory.

“And I will tell you, just from me, and I don’t want this to happen, but I will tell you from me personally — If Hillary Clinton gets in, I myself am ready for a revolution, cause we can’t have her in,” the woman said at the campaign stop in Newton.

Pence quickly disagreed and said that he and Trump will “absolutely accept the results of the election” during an interview with “Meet the Press” Sunday.

Over the weekend, Wisconsin county sheriff and Trump supporter David Clarke tweeted, “its pitchforks and torches time…” with a picture of an angry mob over.

KCCI political analyst Dennis Goldford has studied elections for more than 30 years and said he has never seen anything like this kind of mob mentality. He blames Trump for fanning flames.

“To suggest that the only way to lose would be for the elections to be rigged is dangerously inflammatory,” Goldford said. “America is not a banana republic. In most places around the world, losers don’t accept losing. They take to the streets and arm themselves or the government sends in the military. We don’t have a tradition of doing that.”

A Loyola University study found that out of 800 million votes cast in national elections between 2000 and 2012, only 35 credible cases of voter ID fraud were found in the United States.


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