China stubborn on India’s NSG Bid

Beijing : China showed no change in its position on India’s membership into the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group.
As the 48-member block prepares to meet in Vienna on Friday, China said India’s push for entry would only be discussed when the group agrees on rules for entry of non-signatories of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.
“NSG’s plenary session will be held on Friday in Vienna. As of now, there’s no change in our position,” Lu Kang, spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, told a press briefing.
Lu also claimed that the “parties concerned” had a “constructive dialogue” over the deadlock when the National Security Advisors (NSAs) of India and China met in Hyderabad recently.
Although India’s push for its membership into the group has Washington’s support, China remains reluctant, insisting that ratifying the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty was prerequisite for new entrants.
India’s National Security Adviser Ajit Doval held talks with his Chinese counterpart, State Councillor Yang Jiechi, in Hyderabad on November 4.
NSG, an elite block that regulates supply of nuclear material, is likely to discuss rules for admitting new members in its session on November 11-12.
India and Pakistan, both nuclear-armed nations, have asked to be members of the group. Neither are signatories to the nuclear disarmament treaty.
xi-modi copy.jpg
China — seen as a close ally of Pakistan — insists on making no exception for India.
Last week, Bejing’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying’s said: “On India’s accession to the NSG, I can tell you that China’s position is very clear and consistent. We will seek a solution that applies to all Non-NPT countries and then we will discuss the specific application of relevant non-NPT country”.
The issue was also discussed in talks held between Joint Secretary (Disarmament and International Security) Amandeep Singh Gill and his Chinese counterpart Wang Qun on October 31.


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