80 % Indians support PM Modi’s decision of demonetisation

A nationwide survey conducted by C-Voter says that 80-86 per cent Indians hail demonetisation as a great move in the direction of combating the black money menace.

The survey conducted among half the total parliamentary constituencies on Monday by C-Voter, an international polling agency, shows that almost 86 per cent respondents in urban and rural areas say the inconvenience is totally worth it. However, the NDA government’s decision has been endorsed the most by the higher income groups, with 90.6 per cent of them saying the move is good. Only 12.6 per cent respondents across income groups thought the difficulties caused were an “unmanageable disaster.”

The Centre has been facing backlash from the Opposition parties, which have united to condemn demonetisation. Critics have labelled the move unplanned and hastily implemented. Nevertheless, according to the survey, a broad consensus emerges that demonetisation was ‘well implemented’. This sentiment was reflected among 71 per cent of those surveyed in urban areas, 65.1 per cent in semi-rural zones and 59.4 per cent rural respondents.

According to 38 per cent respondents in urban, 35.5 per cent in semi-urban and 36.8 per cent in rural belts, the problems caused by demonetisation are ‘little, easily manageable’. Also, 55 per cent respondents do not want the prime minister to succumb to political pressure and roll back this courageous move.

Reacting to C-Voter’s survey, social media was immediately abuzz with the latest development. Here too, Prime Minister’s move has been hailed. One twitter user said that with this survey, debate on what people think should end.


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