KK Singhania responds to Dr. Adish Agarwala, offers 50 lacs to SCBA for constructing Lawyers cabins


Businessman KK Singhania offers 50 lacs for construction of Supreme Court lawyer’s cabins.

NEW DELHI- In response to a request made by Dr. Adish C. Agarwala, Senior Advocate and Chairman of All India Bar Association, regarding  new construction of nine halls for 269 lawyer’s cabins in Supreme Court premises, bussiness tycoon Mr. K.K. Singhania has offered an aid of Rupees fifty lacs. Dr Adish Agarwala is contesting for the post of President of Supreme Court Bar Association and has proposed to make 269 cabins for lawyers who have not been allotted chambers. KK Singhania, Chairman of Cygnus group was the first to come forward for this noble cause for Supreme Court lawyers who have not been allotted chambers.

While talking to The Lutyen’s Post Mr. Singhania said that “I have great respect for lawyers as they take a lot of work pressure and I feel that they should have a proper place to sit and work from. I got a request from Dr. Adish Agarwala regarding financial assistance for construction of halls for seating of lawyers. I have agreed to donate Rupees 50 lacs subject to approval from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.” Mr. K.K. Singhania is a philanthropist and have contributed to various social causes in the past.


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