Superstar Rajnikant set to join BJP?

Are the series of twists and turns in Tamil Nadu’s politics leading to Superstar Rajinikanth’s entry into politics? If the ongoing happenings are analysed and interpreted, it can be understood that the Tamil Superstar would surely step into the shoes of politics soon.

A significant development today betokened that Rajinikanth is contemplating to join active politics. RSS Economist Gurumurthy met Rajini today and discussed the current political scenario in the state.

But then, what will be the strategy of Rajinikanth? Will he join BJP or does he prefer launching a new political party? Some of the analysts are seen advising Rajini to found a new political party rather to join BJP. “It appears BJP is a sinking ship. The party faces troubled waters in UP, Punjab and Goa and may lose the election battle,” opined the analysts.

On the other hand, Rajini may also be welcomed with a couple of challenges in politics. His ‘Non Local’ factor might turn as a huge obstacle in political arena. It remains to be seen how wisely Rajini would go ahead in the politics.

Tamil Nadu unit Bharatiya Janata Party president Tamilisai Soundarajan on Monday said the list of those joining the party was growing as it was the “last hope” for the nation’s development and a corruption-free administration.

“Several anti-corruption crusaders, philanthropists and neutral public figures are joining the BJP as it is the last hope for the nation’s growth and to provide a corruption-free administration,” she told media persons.

She was replying to a question on whether Tamil film superstar Rajinikanth would join BJP at a public meeting to be addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Coimbatore on Tuesday.

Evading the question, she merely said, “The list of those joining the BJP is long and going on.”

When media persons asked the same question to BJP national secretary Muralidhar Rao, he said “all things” would be answered by the prime minister in the public meeting.

The BJP is looking for a strong alliance for the coming assembly elections in Tamil Nadu.

Modi had met Rajinikanth weeks before the commencement of Lok Sabha elections in 2014 at his residence in Chennai, but the actor had described it as a courtesy call.

Both had also exchanged birthday greetings in the past.


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